We’ve Tried: The Amazing Spectacle of El Tablao de Carmen

I am used to strolling down Las Ramblas at least once a week and there is always something that captures my attention. It’s usually the souvenir stores with those radical outfits, flamenco shoes of all sizes and colours or even the typical flamenco high heels that hang from the small stalls that wait in line for the next eager tourist to buy a pair.

So when the time came, my boss put forth the offer to go see a flamenco show in el Poble Espanyol. Of course no one opposed going to a Friday night Flamenco show at El Tablao de Carmen with all expenses paid for.

Our reservation was at 22:00. We entered and were greeted warmly by a waiter who accompanied us to our table situated next to the stage. The restaurant was very well decorated with a traditionally Andalusian style and dimly lit candles hanging from the ceiling which provided a great atmosphere for the show.

The fingers were incredible as every Word that they sang came from their soul as the audience could feel the pain and torn gestures the singers were trying to convey.

Every singer’s voice varied a lot in tone and expression but each professionally maintained their character and harmony according to each song. The dancers also provided an amazing spectacle with each step and movement of their arms to the beat of the guitars and to the clapping of the vocalists.

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At times in the performance, there would be 3 women and 2 men dancing and alternating with one and then another. I particularly enjoyed the way the women danced in sync with one another with each step perfectly combined but with each using their own unique style. The frilly dresses and decorated hair with touches of silver also added much to the performance and typical Anduluisan atmosphere we associate with flamenco.

In total, the performance lasted an hour and a half, which I personally found to be a great spectacle provided by all the performers. It was a fantastic night in which I enjoyed every minute of. I still remember the music, dancing, passion, sounds of the instruments, food and person relatively drunk on the table next to us.

However, here are some pieces of advice to help you have an unforgettable night:

    • The air conditioning is turned up quite a lot for the dancers, and as you are seated during the performance, it can get a bit cold inside. So we recommend that you to bring a jacket that you can wear just in case it does get cold whilst you are inside.
    • During the spectacle, the service is rapid and constant. So try not to get too lost in the performance and remember to eat as there is a 4 dish menu that you need to get through.
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  • Click Here to see more photos of my experience at El Tablao de Carmen




  1. Great pictures! This sounds like it was a great experience. I do have a question though- You said there was a four dish meal during the performance; was the food any good?

    • Hello,

      Yeah the food is good. The only thing is that they are quite fast bringing it out, so you have to make sure you eat whilst watching the show or you will end up with a mountain of food before you know it! If you go then let us know how it goes for you 🙂


  2. Sir, I am coming over to Barcelona begining of February and I am eager to visit the Flamenco show at El Tablao de Carmen, will you please direct me if I should wear casual clothes or formal clothes. I was told that we will not be allowed in if my husband is not wearing a tie and suit

    • Hi Rita

      The Flamenco show at El Tablao de Carmen is fantastic, you will have a great time!
      I would recommend dressing smartly for the occasion but it is not necessary to wear a suit. So there is no need for your husband to crumple up his best suit into his suitcase. I hope this helps. Have a great time at the show! If you need help with anything else, then please just let us know 🙂



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